Ebook - Location intelligence for improving decision-making in retail

Release all the value of geolocated information to grow your business. Define an expansion strategy, minimizing risk and optimizing investment to the maximum. All this and more in this free ebook.

How will this ebook help you achieve your business goals?

The retail sector is at a crossroads which, if it takes the right direction, will lead it straight to success. Geolocated data must inevitably accompany it on this path. It will give you a better understanding of reality. To achieve this location data-streams, and big data technologies, such as machine learning are necessary to improve and automate key decision-making.

Site selection

Find the locations that will give the best results for your business and get more and better customers avoiding cannibalization and the influence of competitors.

Sales and demand forecasting

Anticipate events and get an accurate prediction of your sales revenue and the demands of your customers.

Portfolio optimization

Know in detail the preferences of your audience for each market or area, thus being able to adapt and offer them what they need in each of them.

Cross-Channel analysis

Be clear about how the different sales channels you offer your customers interact with each other to avoid negative effects, such as cannibalization.

Real-world applications of Location Intelligence to optimise decision-making in retail businesses

Discover real success stories that go beyond theoretical questions. Learn first-hand how at Locatium we have made retail projects take off with our technology and Location Intelligence platform.

See for yourself the enormous potential of geographic data in an increasingly competitive environment. Download your copy now!

Locatium is a cloud-native SaaS platform to support retail companies by optimizing their businesses— strategically, tactically, and operationally.

Download this ebook and discover how Locatium Growth Retail Platform can help you.

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