Fuel Retailers and convenience Network Optimization

Our optimization of the refuel retail networks based on geolocated data is capable achieve, through the concerned analytics, the best locations for establishments. If you would like to evaluate competitors, cannibalization, and so on, keep watching! By means of this solution, your brand could grow faster.

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The fuel Retailers Industry has been characterized by disruptive forces and affected by environment and customer behavior, both: electric vehicles (EVs) and alternative fuels. In this scenario, became more and more important the need of being updated on all those changes and not act over on them.

The Locatium-based model algorithm is capable to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities through the power of data. We take into account the vehicle mobility data sets and combine them with points of interest, demographic data, and so on to evaluate the potential of the current network by optimizing them.

Being competitive and in the right location in your sector is a challenge. This is why we are proposing a solution based on the most powerful and updated data sets and offer the best way of reducing risks, saving earns, and increase in sales. We incorporate the dominant trends into smart business strategies.

  • We analyze various sources of geolocated data globally. Among them are demographic, vehicle mobility, consumption and speed, finances, real estate, and many more in order to be able to assess the real potential of each location.

  • We use artificial intelligence algorithms to extract the main value conclusions to design the best business strategy. In this way, we can detect trends, and opportunities and anticipate the future thanks to its predictive nature.
  • We study the effects of omnichannel on business results, which involves electronic commerce and physical establishments, both our own and those of the main competitors, which allows us to have a 360º view of the business.

Advanced data analysis has become one of the most effective tools for designing store networks and making smart decisions. The retail sector should not be alien to this and include itself in an advanced management model that allows it to make the best business decisions. Here are the most relevant ones.

our platform

The geographic data involved in optimizing the processes of the retail sector are not 100% usable if they are not properly visualized. For this reason, we have focused many efforts on offering a platform that allows obtaining information beyond pure data, with maps, tables, and graphs that speed up its interpretation.

Case Studies

Locatium technology opens up a world of improvement possibilities for retail, especially for Fuel Retailers offering cutting-edge technology and a unique mathematical model, capable of reaching all geographic segments in the most granular way possible, to help our clients grow faster.

Look what we have done for our Fuel Retailer clients around the world. Here you have some of our case studies.

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