Omnichannel Geo-Marketing

Get to know your current and potential customers better, getting the most effective investment for your online and out-of-home marketing campaigns. With the appropriate geolocated data, you will get your message to those who want to hear it.

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Knowing all the details of the target audience for your business is a great challenge for the sector. That is why we must do it intelligently; influence to convert them into customers. With our data, you can know how to provide what they need or want so they can decide on your products and services within your areas of interest.

Now, you can know in how many different ways we can apply geomarketing in our solutions. With our use cases, you will be able to find out the main uses and benefits for your sector. Here we show you the most relevant ones.

Our platform

With our platform, you will be able to visualize in a practical and effective way the main key data for your marketing campaigns. Draw conclusions to optimize your processes through thematic maps, graphs, tables, and a custom dashboard.

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Locatium technology opens up a world of improvement possibilities for telco, retail, logistics, transport operators and any organization industry who needs to optimize their locations and networks.

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