For the communications network to operate under the best possible conditions, you must design a core of it with the support of quality and up-to-date geographic data.

In this way, you get the perfect complement for the RAN Network Rollout Optimization actions.

General Description of this use case

The core of a telecommunications network architecture includes large towers and antennas as well as other components, including smaller antennas and towers, kilometers of cabling, and many other devices. All of these are essential to provide complete coverage, support the appropriate frequencies, and facilitate truly seamless data traffic and call quality that meets customer requirements.

The development of a network that is capable of all this is a costly exercise from the point of view of the tasks to be performed, as well as from the economic point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to know with the minimum possible margin of error where to efficiently place the equipment, thus guaranteeing an ideal quality of service at the lowest possible cost, increasing profits, and crystallizing everything in an optimal return on investment.

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What solutions do you need?

To achieve these objectives, telecoms operators employ complex data models, which analyse wireless coverage, voice and data communications performance and other sources of information. Many of these are accompanied by a geographic component that is decisive for the location of the deployment actions to be undertaken.

Using the right artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms, very complex calculations can be performed in a short time to help identify trends and opportunities for improvement in network performance, including predictive capabilities to know the most likely future scenarios and act in advance. For example, by installing the necessary antennas in areas where demand is expected to grow.

In addition, all this knowledge can be graphically captured on maps and other forms, thus facilitating its interpretation and speeding up decision making by the professionals responsible for the deployment of the network’s core.

Telco network optimization

It optimize the rollout of mobile telecommunications networks, improving the user experience so that they enjoy an optimal service in terms of signal quality for each of the telco use cases. In addition, it maximizes the profitability of the core and radio access network infrastructure. All this optimizes the network topology: by placing the right equipment in each of the locations.

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With such a wide offer, telecommunications companies are forced to offer excellent service to their customers to be truly competitive. To achieve this it is necessary to design an infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the user, as well as doing it with the greatest efficiency. Geolocated information is key to your site selection and deployment.
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