Frequency refarming / switch-off

Today, it is very necessary to make the most of radio spectrum frequencies. That is why many telecommunications projects are tasked with reallocating their resources to adapt to new standards, such as 5G.

It is also possible the need to deactivate those networks that are obsolete or readapt them to more current technologies.

General Description of this use case

The continuous development and evolution of technologies in the telecommunications sector mean that operators are continually having to rethink the way in which they deploy and distribute their resources. Today, we can see this with the emergence of the 5G standard, which forces them to undertake refarming and switch-off actions.

By reforming, we define the reuse of frequencies so that they can be used by technologies other than those initially envisaged. This provides greater flexibility in the use of the radio spectrum and facilitates access to these technologies.

In addition, the increasing adoption of 5G and the need to free up resources for operators to make better use of the options it offers and, therefore, to offer an optimized user experience, makes it essential to switch off from other technologies, as is currently happening with the increasingly less used 3G.

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Having the right geographic data, telecom operators are in a better position to carry out more effective network restructuring actions. They can know which assets need to be refurbished or relocated and which locations are the most suitable for them.

All of this with a focus on an optimal user experience for customers, which means coverage, quality of voice calls, video calls, internet connection, etc. In addition, the arrival of 5G will drive the development of products and solutions based on IoT, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other disruptive technologies.

Moreover, this geo-localized information will be used as a cornerstone for defining appropriate actions to deactivate obsolete and low-usage networks, such as 3G networks.

Telco network optimization

It optimizes the rollout of mobile telecommunications networks, improving the user experience so that they enjoy an optimal service in terms of signal quality for each of the telco use cases. In addition, it maximizes the profitability of the core and radio access network infrastructure. All of this optimizes the network topology: by placing the right equipment in each of the locations.

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With such a wide offer, telecommunications companies are forced to offer excellent service to their customers to be truly competitive. To achieve this it is necessary to design an infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the user, as well as doing it with the greatest efficiency. Geolocated information is key to your site selection and deployment.
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