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General Description of this use case

More than ever, telecommunications companies face the critical challenge of offering services that meet the demands of their customers. All of this is in a scenario in which the demand for connections, both voice, and data, is increasing significantly, and these are of the highest possible quality in terms of call clarity, data transfer speed, coverage, and other aspects.

On the other hand, more and more companies are emerging in this sector and competitiveness is growing significantly in many markets, which requires the adoption of truly effective differentiation measures in order to optimize the investments made. This is directly related to the acquisition of more and better customers.

Doing so successfully will result in increased market share and significant competitive advantage, and this will not be possible without adequate information on current market shares and associated trends. First and foremost, therefore, telecommunications companies must take a first step in deciding which areas are worth investing in. In order to do this, it is essential to know the different shares of the different brands in these markets.

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Today, market share is most commonly calculated at the level of large regions or countries. However, this is not the most practical option, as market share can be very different in the different zones within each of the areas studied.

Therefore, a higher granularity of this data is more than necessary. This is where Locatium and its datasets come into play, which is able to represent market share on maps at different levels (provincial, local, even down to 100 square meter cells).

Thanks to this data at a higher level of detail, we have detailed, filtered, completely anonymous, legal, and reliable information on the users of telecommunications services. This information covers aspects such as where they live, where they work, their mobility patterns, and, of course, which company they are customers of.

In addition, historical data is available to facilitate research into the evolution of market share over time and the factors responsible for this. It is key to underline the important advantage of having not only the company’s own market share data but also that of the competition.

Telco network optimization

It optimizes the rollout of mobile telecommunications networks, improving the user experience so that they enjoy an optimal service in terms of signal quality for each of the telco use cases. In addition, it maximizes the profitability of the core and radio access network infrastructure. All of this optimizes the network topology: by placing the right equipment in each of the locations.

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With such a wide offer, telecommunications companies are forced to offer excellent service to their customers to be truly competitive. To achieve this it is necessary to design an infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the user, as well as doing it with the greatest efficiency. Geolocated information is key to your site selection and deployment.
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