UX Analytics

Have under control the main KPIs and indicators that serve to know the real user experience that your customers live.

Among them, we find coverage levels, the behavior of the network in times of high demand, the clarity of calls, and much more.

General Description of this use case

UX is a complex and subjective metric where bad experiences are more relevant. Therefore, Telco companies must be particularly careful, as any deficiency in service may cause customers to leave for a competitor, no matter how well they have done previously.

This is a risk that must be borne in mind in an increasingly competitive environment, with more companies on the playing field and a public that is becoming more demanding.

Against this backdrop, companies face the challenge of finding a way to evaluate their users’ experience as objectively and effectively as possible, using the most appropriate metrics. This must go beyond traditional satisfaction surveys, which have become obsolete.

Today, it is necessary to pay attention to parameters that relate in some way to the functioning of the network and the services it offers. In this way, it is possible to identify what really brings value to the user and whether the user really appreciates it.

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What solutions do you need?

In order to know as reliably as possible what the user experience of a Telco customer is like, it is convenient to work with a series of datasets that relate the established KPIs to their geospatial component.

For example, we can analyze each specific area variable such as:

  • Download speed.
  • Signal strength.
  • Upload speed.
  • Network delay.
  • Network technology.
  • Mobile make and model.
With constant monitoring of these, it is much quicker to identify opportunities to improve the services offered and, consequently, to retain the customer with a proposal based on high-quality standards.

Telco network optimization

It optimize the rollout of mobile telecommunications networks, improving the user experience so that they enjoy an optimal service in terms of signal quality for each of the telco use cases. In addition, it maximizes the profitability of the core and radio access network infrastructure. All this optimizes the network topology: by placing the right equipment in each of the locations.

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With such a wide offer, telecommunications companies are forced to offer excellent service to their customers to be truly competitive. To achieve this it is necessary to design an infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the user, as well as doing it with the greatest efficiency. Geolocated information is key to your site selection and deployment.
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