Locatium - MAGRABi

Locatium contributes to MAGRABi’s expansion through geolocation data and artificial intelligence

  • The optical retail chain has opted for Locatium’s Location Intelligence technology to optimize the process of selecting the locations of their new stores.
  • MAGRABi’s store network consists of 142 outlets across the Middle East
  • Locatium provides various data sources and artificial intelligence for advanced data analysis, facilitating decision making.

MAGRABi, the Middle East’s leading eyecare and eyewear chain has opted for Location Intelligence technology to design the most effective expansion strategy possible. Specifically, in the one offered by Locatium.

In this way, MAGRABi will know with a small margin of error what are the best locations to open new stores, adding to their store market that consists of 142 outlets across five countries: KSA, UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Kuwait.

This was achieved thanks to Locatium’s solution known as Omnichannel Retail Network Optimization. This operation was achieved via MAGRABi’s own data sources and with external information provided by Locatium’s own data streams.

As a sample, the MAGRABi sales data for each country to be analysed are crucial. But other aspects relevant to the study must also be taken into account, such as demographic information, mobility, the presence of competitors, the degree of market saturation, the effects of different sales channels and many more.

Locatium offers all these information channels, as well as proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms that are able to detect trends, relationships between various data and, finally, determine the locations that will bring the greatest benefits to MAGRABi.

With this initiative, MAGRABi is fully faithful to the innovative and cutting-edge character that has characterised it since it was founded in 1927 and that has been a determining factor in its success. With the help of Locatium and its technology, it is expected to continue to be a benchmark in eye care for millions of people. 



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