Which is better for spatial data analytics: Python or R? 

Locatium - Which is better for spatial data analytics Python or R 

Python or R are the programming languages of choice for most data scientists. Because both languages have large software ecosystems and communities, they may be used for practically every data science endeavor. This makes many wonder which of the two is more suitable for spatial data analysis. Let’s look at this in more detail!

Location Analytics for Telco companies

LOCATIUM - Location Analytics for Telco companies

There’s no doubt that businesses are relying more and more on data to make informed decisions about where to open new stores, expand their services, and allocate their marketing budgets. But for telcos, who have traditionally been very data-driven, the move to a virtual world has brought about new challenges.

How will location analytics transform retail?

Location Analytics

The retail sector has experienced a rollercoaster of change in recent months. A period that has affected the demands of its customers, who are still the foundations of a successful business. To adapt to this new reality, it is necessary to have digital solutions such as Location Analytics. Do you want to know how geographic […]