Vendor policing

Vendor policing

Vendor policing Achieve the best possible alignment between the business objectives and the strategy for the deployment of the communications network. Something is possible to achieve for all kinds of scenarios, including those with high complexity. I want to know more General Description of this use case Operators face a challenge when trying to align […]

Location Analytics for Telco companies

LOCATIUM - Location Analytics for Telco companies

There’s no doubt that businesses are relying more and more on data to make informed decisions about where to open new stores, expand their services, and allocate their marketing budgets. But for telcos, who have traditionally been very data-driven, the move to a virtual world has brought about new challenges.

How can Machine Learning be applied with GIS?

Machine learning

Having lots of different GIS geographic data is not enough to know the reality of a business or market. You need a tool capable of extracting the last drop of its value. Fortunately, these solutions are already well established in different business environments and Machine Learning technology is a key ingredient. We tell you why it is […]