Adding good experiences in MWC Shanghai.

The MWC is the most important global technology event in the world of the mobile ecosystem. This congress is held annually in various parts of the world, with Barcelona being the main place where it takes place. MWC Shanghai is the largest and most influential gathering of the connectivity ecosystem in Asia. It’s where world-leading […]

The impact of cannibalization analysis to optimize retail networks.

canniblization analysis 1

The impact of cannibalization analysis to optimize retail networks represents your business stability in the long term. Have you ever wondered if your service stations cannibalize each other? Do you know which ones are about overperforming and underperforming? In this article, we show you how we do the analysis of cannibalization, the aspects we take […]

The importance of using mobility data for fuel retailers’ site selection.

mobility data

The importance of using mobility data for fuel retailers’ site selection is more relevant and determining than you might imagine. The retail fuel industry is highly competitive, and choosing the right site can make or break a business. In recent years, the availability of mobility data has opened up new avenues for fuel retailers to […]

MWC 23! Live our teamwork experience.

Our teamwork experience at MWC was an exciting opportunity. We attend one of the largest and most prestigious mobile technology events in the world! The event, which took place in Barcelona, Spain, brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to share insights and showcase the latest advancements in mobile technology. Welcome to live our teamwork experience […]

Mobility data for accurate and granular calculation of Telecom Operators’ market share.

In the current digital age, the telecommunications industry serves a crucial function by connecting individuals and businesses all over the world. As the competition in this industry continues to escalate, it has become essential for telecom operators to comprehend their market share in order to develop effective strategies that will allow them to remain competitive. […]